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Guiding Teams with Sit(x)

Guiding Teams with Sit(x)

When you depend on situational awareness don’t take chances. Sure, you can set up TAK, and set up your own server. Or you can choose the experts at PAR Government to help guide your team with Sit(x)TM.

For Kristopher Bertz, a member of the law enforcement team in Phoenix, AZ, the road tothumbnail_image_sm-PhPD choosing Sit(x) was paved with intentions of manning a department-based server. About six months into building the backend for TAK the department ran into roadblocks – mostly due to security requirements on their end. In sharing his frustration, a colleague with Special Operations Forces Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) experience mentioned PAR’s solution.

That was two years ago. Since then, he’s found unmatched support and trusts Sit(x) for events like 2023’s Super Bowl.

“I explained the limitations and where we were at,” Kris recalled. “After reaching a juggernaut regarding access to ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit) we found we didn’t have the ability to connect with other teams.”

“Unless you plan on building multiple servers, you end up having to rely on that server. And when that goes down, you’re stuck. Even if you have multiple servers, if they are on the same power source, if it goes down, you’re done. With Sit(x), you can switch to another server. Nothing changes on your end. Even with maintenance, or other what ifs, any changes are seamless.”

PAR Government team’s focus, he recalled, was success no matter what option was chosen. So, after initially deciding to build a server using specs provided by PAR, the department then decided to go with Sit(x).

“Really, the transition has been seamless since. The level of professionalism and patience from PAR Government is unmatched… They never once came back and said no. It’s always, ‘what more can we do?’ from extra user sets to federation. Based on my personal experience the customer service alone, which feeds into the reliability of the system, it’s worth it.”

Kris’ specialized team has approximately 60 users. They use ATAK powered by Sit(x) as well as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) streaming capabilities through PAR’s GV-Streamer. For the Super Bowl specifically, Kris used PAR Government’s Data Marketplace for near real-time imagery of the stadium, sharing with the team. He was able to federate with Homeland Security and other agencies.

“From Friday night (prior to event) and beyond, the PAR Government team was set and prepared to make integration happen,” he said. “Everything worked as we needed it to work. Big events like this are when phones get bogged down due to traffic. Sit(x) never gave us any hiccups. And we were working at multiple venue locations at the same time and had the ability to provide a common sight picture to everyone using the system.”

Sit(x)’s benefits were many, allowing the team to:

  • See intel and location, orient abilities, and push camera feeds through a very populated location.
  • Mark road closures and reroutes.
  • Identify entrances and exits.

“Our preparedness was that much better because we saw everyone’s location. If they got bogged down, we reallocated resources accordingly. With Sit(x), you push data through the system, and your teams have that info in the moment. I can do all the work up front and have it all mapped out. I can push that to the cloud…and let everyone extract that data within a few seconds. When things are happening during an event, you’re not going to remember that map.”

“The resourcefulness of having a working relationship with PAR is a plus. Even during the Super Bowl, the things they were bringing up, I would have never known existed. They have the knowledge to push for other features, far beyond what me, the front-line officer, has or even knows it exists.”

Phoenix Sit(x) Use Cases

  • Coordinate movement and stay in target during open-area, multi-acre searches
  • Route planning during search, coordinating medivac, ground forces, armored vehicles
  • NCAA Final Four tourney
  • Phoenix Sun NBA playoffs
  • Teaming with State Police investigations

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