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TAK features, including drone footage, viewed through a Sit(x) screen shot. Learn how Sit(x) simplifies situtional awareness.

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Simplifying Situational Awareness

Delve into alternative approaches for implementing situational awareness tools leveraging TAK without requiring every user to understand and utilize...

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Interoperability is key for tactical situational awareness.

2 min read

Top Five Ways Interoperability Matters

The tactical domain is undergoing a rapid and sophisticated transformation, aimed at providing a decisive edge to our dedicated warfighters and first...

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PAR Government team at the Tough Stump Rodeo 2023 gearing up to test new technologies.

3 min read

Solving Problems at Tough Stump Rodeo

With a “show” this good, it’s hard not to “tell” the advances made by PAR Government. The annual Tough Stump Technology Rodeo in a rugged, austere...

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