PAR Government’s products and solutions are meant to keep the warfighter, first responder, and others focused on the mission. For more than 50 years, PAR Government has brought data to-the-edge, helping those on the front lines improve operational effectiveness, and allowing U.S. Forces to defend our nation quickly and safely.

What is Sit(x)?
Sit(x) is a situational awareness technology suite that enables direct communication and information sharing between individuals and groups in the field. Based on TAK technology, and formerly known as TeamConnect, Sit(x) is a cloud native companion to TAK deployments and TAK Server. It is hosted in the AWS GovCloud and is maintained by PAR Government as a commercial product.

“Sit(x) is aimed at users who love what TAK has to offer but do not want to manage their own infrastructure. Your teams are meant to serve, not to manage a server,” explained Todd Krokowski, vice president of products and innovation at PAR Government. “Since we facilitate deployment, your team can focus on completing the job at hand without distraction.”

This means PAR Government handles all software and system management, upgrading in the cloud, and we offer 24/7 support.

With Sit(x) you can plan for and respond to daily operations, planned special events, and unplanned incidents. Regardless of incident type, Sit(x) provides complete lifecycle management -- event preparation, rehearsal, training, actual response, post-event review, and new response simulation. Best yet, Sit(x) is completely flexible and elastic – responding to unexpected increases in the size of your TAK deployments.

Who should use Sit(x)?
Sit(x) is designed for:

  • Existing TAK and CivTAK users who want a secure, privacy focused environment to manage TAK deployments.
  • Organizations requiring interoperability with TAK Server and hardware capabilities that are already integrated with the TAK ecosystem.
  • Anyone dealing with time-sensitive/high-risk situations.

Sit(x) was built from the ground up by the development team that initially developed and fielded the TAK client applications. It provides comprehensive situational awareness and enables rapid federation of individuals and groups for immediate communication and information sharing.

What are the benefits of using Sit(x)?
As a technology-agnostic mobile solution, Sit(x) gives you the ability to federate with TAK Server, connect Android (ATAK), Windows (WinTAK), Web (Dashboard), and iOS users within the same operating environment. Sit(x) provides high levels of confidentiality, integrity, and security. It:

  • Marks current location and the location of every member of the group in real time
  • Has an unrivaled ability to share diverse types/formats of information: voice, text, documents, video, GPS locations, and map data
  • Works with time-sensitive information in high-risk situations
  • Has an approachable deployment – it can be set up within an organization in about 10 minutes and even reach across multiple organizations

I can do this for free – so why choose PAR Government’s solution?
Free is nice but how free is a government off-the-shelf solution? Sit(x) is affordable and readily accessible when it comes to management. Since it’s hosted in the cloud, the client makes no investment in maintaining a server or in hiring a dedicated system manager. End users can be added at any time as needed and this is compatible with Android, Windows, Web (Dashboard), and iOS users. Best yet, our privacy policy ensures your data is your data. The PAR Government team takes security and privacy very seriously.

With Sit(x), you’ll invest in just ONE system for ALL situational awareness needs.

Having more than a decade of experience with situational awareness, let PAR Government put its expertise behind your team. Choose Sit(x) and you can focus on your job. We’ll handle the management and upgrades. Contact us today.




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