PAR Government’s products and solutions are meant to keep the warfighter, first responder, and others focused on the mission. For more than 50 years, PAR Government has brought data to-the-edge, helping those on the front lines improve operational effectiveness, allowing U.S. Forces to defend our nation quickly and safely.

What is geospatial exploitation?
Quite simply, geospatial exploitation is just as it sounds – being able to visualize and edit geographic information.

“Geospatial exploitation takes what you see and expands on that by providing spatial context and other forms of metadata,” explained Todd Krokowski, Vice President of products and innovation at PAR Government. “This helps users handle relatively complex analysis within a streamlined user experience.”

As such, PAR Government has developed GV – a full line of geospatial products that are developed and tested in a secure DevOps environment with no export restrictions.

“Our GV solutions give you information beyond what the human eye sees,” he added. “For example, if you’re battling a wildfire, your eye may pick up traditional visual cues like the color of flames or the resulting smoke. Our solution helps analyze the situation further, picking up on ground that is still hot and in risk of sparking another fire, for example.”

What is GV?
GV is an application used to view raster imagery and full-motion video typically captured by geospatial collection sensors aboard aircraft, drones, and satellites. GV has been widely embraced by the geospatial community because the tool allows end users to view and edit the metadata (sensor type, altitude, geolocation, etc.) that is vital for location-based applications. In addition, it decodes all data formats common in the GIS and GEOINT communities.

Who should use GV?
Ideal users include organizations that view geospatial imagery or videos. It’s especially suited for those in the GEOINT community interacting with NGA, NATO, U.S. Service Branches, and U.S. Coalition Partners. Other users include those integrating Artificial Intelligence algorithms into their data analysis workflows and organizations (civil or military) deploying video-equipped drones for ISR or mapping.

What are the benefits of GV?
It’s flexible
GV gives users one platform to view raster imagery in a variety of formats as well as full-motion video with all embedded content.

Also, you get full video content. GV allows users to extract KLV metadata content and turn embedded layers on/off during video viewing.

It’s affordable
Compared to similar products, GV is an excellent value –costing 30x LESS than similar products.

It’s considered an industry standard
GV has been adopted and used by the NGA, NATA, Coalition Forces – ensuring compatibility among military organizations. GV’s main features include:

  • Simultaneous display of wide variety of geospatial data and associated metadata
  • Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) compliant Full Motion Video (FMV) playback with Key Length Value (KLV) metadata
  • Up to 16 bits per pixel or floating point and data
  • Efficient processing of very large NITF images
  • Synchronized multi-video playback based on KLV timestamps
  • Unrestricted export licensing
Why choose PAR Government?
Our out-of-the-box solutions saves you time, energy, and money.

We also have the distinction of serving on the Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB), working with industry partners to create an original video format standard in use today.

Why not choose the broadly adopted GV series of solutions from PAR Government? After all, it’s a system used and trusted by NGA, NATO, Coalition Forces, and Esri. Ultimately, it allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Contact us today.

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PAR Government’s products and solutions are meant to keep the warfighter, first responder, and others focused on the mission. For more than 50 years,...

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