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PAR Government has proudly been developing for the TAK Community since it's start in 2010. Learn about plugins we develop and reach out if you are interested in PAR Government developing a plugin for you. 

Radio/Network Control

Wave Relay icon - looks like a Celtic knot

Wave Relay

Wave Relay is a ATAK/WinTAK plug-in that provides the Radio control for the Wave Relay Radio. Radio Controls integrate WinTAK with the Wave Relay...

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OCEUS-VPN icon - a x, a check, and a bent arrow.


This plug-in tells ATAK that the state of the VPN has changed and triggers a refresh across all of the network interface.

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Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) was originally created by the US DoD for military applications over a decade ago. Now a Civilian version is available for use by first responders and other agencies for free. Download it now from the play store or learn more about its history at TAK.gov.


WinTAK-CIV for Windows has a feature set similar to ATAK-CIV. Developed to run on Windows PCs and Windows Surface devices, the WinTAK user experience is consistent with Microsoft applications. it maintains the look and feel of ATAK and works seamlessly with the Sit(x) TAK Server. Download the latest approved version of WinTAK, at TAK.gov (requires account registration).