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Commitment to Excellence

For the People of PAR series, we talk about the work employees do here, how they landed here, and why they chose PAR. Our subject: Thomas Lowe. (Photos courtesy of Thomas Lowe, Intelligence Analyst. Photo taken by Michelle Craft Photography, Xenia, OH)

There are a few things that become apparent when you sign on to work with PAR Government. Among them are our core values – People, Empowerment, Resilience, Team, Mission, and Innovation. Read more about our core values here: Who We Are.


Each week, President Michael Nelson, addresses the team via email through what he calls his “Weekly Warmup.” On Sept. 6, 2022, we were introduced to Thomas Lowe as Mr. Nelson underscored the importance of PAR’s mission – to continually improve the effectiveness of our DoD clients. He said:

“… when I recently received a note from our government customer, it was welcomed news. It is not often that customers go out of their way to send notes of this kind, but it hits right at the heart of what it means to improve the operational effectiveness of our Nation’s defenders. I wanted to offer my sincerest thanks to Thomas Lowe for his efforts and how they reflect on PAR.”


Mr. Nelson then included portions of the note he received which address Thomas’ contributions. It reads in part:


“He [Thomas] is able to turn products quicker than most analysts and what he is turning in is of high quality. He has that unique ability to look into the data and see through some of the bits that would [normally] waste a lot of time and still not get resolved. Not many analysts have this. Most get caught up in the mud and dig and dig only to come up with the same answer that Thomas got in half the time or less. I have only seen a single-digit number of analysts with this quality out of nearly 100 that have been through here in my 15 years in the section.”

Thomas_Lowe_croppedThomas received his bachelor’s degree in intelligence studies from American Military University and came to PAR Government in 2020 after serving in the United States Air Force. Serving as an Intelligence Analyst puts him among the first line of defense, providing critical support for national security.

“After working in the intelligence community for over five years I can say I have found great importance in the mission… [Here at PAR] I look at intelligence data and create products derived from the data for our customers and the intelligence community,” Thomas explained.

“PAR trusts me as the sole PAR rep on site to get the job done and do it well. What I do has life or death, success or mission failure consequences. I’m never treated as ‘just another employee’ like other companies I see do. It is comforting to know PAR cares about my wellbeing and will not hesitate to be there for me whenever I need them, in any regards.” Thomas continued, “When a mission is on, it is great feeling to be a critical part of whether it is a ‘Go’ or not… When the head of the mission asks, ‘What’s PAR say?’ They mean me in the room, and the intel I’m digesting and providing at critical levels and speeds. Not everyone has what it takes to do this; I’m glad I joined PAR so I could be one of them.”

“If someone is thinking about joining the PAR Government team I would say do not hesitate. PAR Government prides itself on commitment to excellence – to our clients and to one another – on our foundational values, and I can personally attest to this. For anyone wanting to work for a company that has meaningful work, great people, and is a personable company, this is the company for you.”


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